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Portable Digital Hotel Compendium Service

Guests can now take your in-room compendium information, anywhere they go.

Upgrade to digital hotel compendiums with Hinfo today.

Hinfo Guest Directories Are Changing

Guest directories are changing

We now live in a world, where everyone owns a smartphone that they have with them, anywhere they go.

In 2017, there were 178.1 billion app downloads, which does not include re-downloads or updates.

Hinfo allows your property and local area information to be within an arm’s reach of your guests, anywhere, anytime.

Hinfo Property Management Benefits

Maintaining compendiums has never been easier

With Hinfo, you provide information for your property and local area along with updates electronically and Hinfo takes care of the rest.

With guests using their own smartphones and tablets for Hinfo, there is no need to invest in additional infrastructure or resources to provide a hotel compendium.

Hinfo Benefits for Guests

Guests will love to use Hinfo

Guests will love the flexibility Hinfo provides, especially accessing information anywhere, anytime.

Guests also get their own individual copy, a single platform to use at all properties whom are Hinfo members and also uses minimal internet data.