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Auto Translate vs. Manual Translate Hotel Compendiums

Auto Translate vs. Manual Translate Hotel Compendiums

Imagine a world, where guests can view your hotel compendium details in their preferred language, wherever they are during their stay.

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Why Digital Hotel Compendiums Should Not Cost More

Your property has many on-going operating costs including keeping your compendiums up to date. Upgrading from a traditional to a digital hotel compendium, however, should not cost extra.

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3 Benefits of a Single Compendium Service for All Properties

Many online services like Uber, Facebook and Netflix are software services that many people and businesses benefit from.
These 3 benefits can also be applied to our Hinfo Digital Hotel Compendium Service.

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How oftens should you upgrade your smartphone?

In the first few years after smartphones came out, it seemed people were upgrading every year or two, particularly if they were on phone contracts.

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Why your compendium should be within arm's reach for guests

In a connected world, people always want to have access to information, anywhere, anytime.
This is noticeable by people always carrying their smartphones with them and even wearing smart watches including the Apple Watch.

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3 Resources Hotel Compendiums Should Not Need

In the 21st century, properties should not need dedicated resources in each room/apartment to provide their compendium information.
Here are 3 resources hotel compendiums should not need.

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5 Benefits of BYOD for Digital Hotel Compendiums

Digital Hotel Compendiums need an electronic device in any shape or form for guests to view your property and local area information.
Guests using their own devices have these 5 benefits.


3 Reasons Why Hinfo is a Subscription-Based Model

Some have asked us, why our Hinfo service is a subscription-based model and not an outright purchase like paper-based hotel compendiums.
We created Hinfo from the start as a subscription-based model, as there are multiple benefits compared to an outright purchase.

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Benefits of Unlimited Information Updates for Guests

In the digital world, there are no excuses for content being out of date!
One of the key reasons we developed Hinfo, was to make sure guests always had access to the most up to date information for your property and the local area.

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Hinfo Now Has Keyword Search in Near Me

Hinfo is not a set and forget type of service!
Here at App IT Byte, we are always striving to find new ways to improve the Hinfo service to provide the best experience possible for hotel management and guests.

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Upgrade to a Digital Hotel Compendium in Minutes

We recognize that some hotels may view converting to a digital hotel compendium solution is quite a daunting and lengthy process.
Here at App IT Byte, we are always striving to find more efficient methods in all aspects of our products and services, that benefit your property and your guests.

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Benefits of Unlimited Information Updates for Management

In the digital world we live in, there are no excuses for hotel compendium information to be out of date.
One of the key reasons we here at App IT Byte developed Hinfo, was to make it very easy for management at each property to update the content provided in their guest directories.

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Why is minimal internet usage important?

When it comes to doing anything on the internet, there are two factors among others that result in fast downloading times, the download size and the internet download speed.
With Hinfo, we have some control to influence the download size required by each guest, but we cannot control the internet speed at each property.

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Why does Hinfo exist?

Hinfo is the 21st century mobile digital hotel compendium, developed right here in Melbourne Australia and is the upgrade your property needs.
We all live in a mobile and connected world. A world, where people expect be able to access any information they want and communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, within arm’s reach.