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3 Benefits of a Single Compendium Service for All Properties

Many online services like Uber, Facebook and Netflix are software services that many people and businesses benefit from.

These 3 benefits can also be applied to our Hinfo Digital Hotel Compendium Service.

Lower Costs

By sharing the same resources, your property only needs to pay for your share of the Hinfo service, whilst keeping your own property’s identity.

Hinfo, being a digital compendium that runs on your guests own devices also works out cheaper and/or brings much more value to your property, for management and guests.

Faster Development and Less Maintenance

With Hinfo, every time we release a new feature or maintenance update, all properties and guests receive these improvements at the same time.

This allows us to invest more time and effort into developing more features etc.

This is also important with new hardware (e.g. iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices) and software (iOS and Android operating system updates) being released regularly.

Familiarity for Guests

When you have an experience that is the same for everyone everywhere, it is much easier to know what to do.

With Facebook and Netflix for example, the way you use these services are consistent regardless of where you are and what devices you are using to access them.

This is also how digital hotel compendiums should be!

Hinfo has many more benefits for your property’s management and for your guests at an affordable membership rate.

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