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3 Resources Hotel Compendiums Should Not Need

In the 21st century, properties should not need dedicated resources in each room/apartment to provide their compendium information.

Here are 3 resources hotel compendiums should not need.

Paper and Binder Folders

Paper is a single use resource!

Every time your property prints a page for every room, you have to reprint that same page for every room again, when updating details.

Did You Know: A single sheet of paper required 13 litres of water to produce. https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2012/06/this-is-how-much-water-it-takes-to-make-jeans-burgers-pizza-and-other-stuff/

These paper and binder folders are also subject to wear and tear after typical usage.

These are the biggest contributors towards the cost of updating compendiums in each room.

Digital Hotel Compendiums including Hinfo which use your guests’ devices removes the need for these in each room.

Excessive Staff Labour

Updating your in-room paper compendiums requires these 4 steps.

  1. Type the updated details on your computer,
  2. Print each sheet for each room,
  3. Put each compendium together manually for each room, and
  4. Swap the compendiums over during each changeover of guests in each room.

Digital Hotel Compendiums only require you to type the updated details on a computer.

Today, we can instantly post on social media, watch any online video, send messages etc.

Why can’t compendiums be updated instantly for every room?

Dedicated Electronic Hardware

What if guests could access your compendium information in a digital format, without your property purchasing hotel tablets for each room?

Everyone travelling today carries an internet-connected device with them everywhere they go.

Hinfo is the portable digital hotel compendium service that runs on your guests own devices, via a mobile app or our Hinfo.com website.

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