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5 Benefits of BYOD for Digital Hotel Compendiums

Digital Hotel Compendiums need an electronic device in any shape or form for guests to view your property and local area information.

Guests using their own devices have these 5 benefits.


Your compendiums are no longer restricted to your guest rooms/apartments.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops that guests bring to your property are already portable.

Your compendium details are only useful if guests have access to them, wherever they are.

Significant Cost Savings

Digital Hotel Compendiums that work a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) basis, remove the need to purchase dedicated hardware for each room/apartment.

No Hardware to Maintain

All compendium solutions are subject to damage with general usage.

Your property would need to continuously check for the following on every hotel tablet if you were to provide one in every room:


Most people have a preference of which smartphone/tablet they prefer to use.

Some people have only used either iPhone/iPad or Android software.

A digital hotel compendium developed for multiple platforms that people that are already familiar with, gives guests a better user experience.

Individual Copy for Each Guest

Today, your property most likely has one compendium in each room/apartment. This is most likely due to cost.

Guests bring a number of their own devices to your property, with the least being each of their smartphones.

With the Hinfo portable digital hotel compendium service, each guest has many ways to access your compendium information.

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