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Hinfo Now Has Keyword Search in Near Me

Hinfo is not a set and forget type of service!

Here at App IT Byte, we are always striving to find new ways to improve the Hinfo service to provide the best experience possible for hotel management and guests.

Today we have released our next major update to the Hinfo app, with some really great additions.

Hinfo Near Me iPhone Xs

Near Me Search

Guests can now find the exact details they are looking for by searching with keywords.

Just like in the Facilities and Room Details tabs, guests can type an exact word or phrase to find what they are looking for.

Search is deeply integrated into Near Me. You can can search by name, category, address and description for places and events separately and the search results are ranked in that order.

To give you a real-life example, if a guest was to type 'Supermarket' into the search bar in Near Me, they could see search results for Coles, Woolworths, Aldi etc. depending on which supermarkets your property wants to list.

We have not just integrated this into the list for places and events, but also into the map view. Now every time you type a character, all the pins displayed on the map will be added or removed in real-time, based on your search criteria. This is even more powerful when guests can see how close they are to each place/event based on their current location.

The addition of Near Me Search will further reduce the number of guests waiting at your hotel's reception desk and also make it easier for guests to find the exact details they want.

Offline Menus/Brochures

Earlier this year, we added offline support for menus and brochures provided to us in a PDF format. This results in less data usage and faster loading times for guests.

In the major update released today, every time a guest goes to view a menu or brochure that is in a PDF format, it will check to see if there is an update and download accordingly.

This provides the best outcome for every scenario depending on if there is an update available, help reduce data usage and allow you to view the most up to date copy saved offline, if you do not have an internet connection.

The guest experience of viewing these menus and brochures are improved in knowing they'll always be viewing the most up to date copy while saving download and your hotel management will appreciate it for reducing the amount of Wi-Fi usage at your property, by not redownloading the same content on each device.

Couple using Smartphones

Download Size and Compatibility

Whilst we have these major features and multiple minor improvements, we have also made effort to further reduce the app's download size where possible.

iPhone/iPad and Android apps are marginally smaller than the previous version and Android updates now only download the changes and not the entire app, which dramatically reduces the amount of download required to have the most up to date version.

The Hinfo updates that are out today, completed our transition to support iOS 12 (iPhone/iPad) and Android 9.0 Pie. We strive on providing continual development/support, including for the major yearly releases by Apple and Google.

As you will see in our web presentation and across all posts we make in this blog in the months ahead, Hinfo is the best ‘delivery vehicle’ when it comes to your property's compendium information.

These updates are available for guests to download today through the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store. These updates are included in all properties existing Hinfo memberships at no additional cost.

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