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Hinfo - How It Works

Upgrading to our digital solution takes only 3 easy steps.

Our BYOD implementation makes it easy for your guests to access on their own devices.

How to setup Hinfo for your property

Step 1

Provide us your property and local area details

We will provide you with a Hinfo CMS account for your property to provide the details you want to publish.

It may take a little time during setup stage to provide the initial details to us like it would for any new solution, but information updates in the future will only take a couple of minutes.

To make it quicker and easier you can also provide us a PDF or Word Document for each room type, which contains the details from your current compendiums.

For the Near Me section, you only need to provide the name and suburb for each of the local places and events you want to list, again only during the initial setup.

We will complete the rest of the details for each place and event for you, saving your team significant time and associated labour costs.

Hinfo CMS on an iMac

Step 2

Place the guest 'Getting Started' sheet in every room and/or at reception

After going live, you can download your guest 'Getting Started' sheet from the documents section in the Hinfo CMS.

By replacing your existing compendium solution in each room (e.g. printed compendiums) with this sheet and/or providing one at reception upon check in, guests will now know you are a member of the service.

The sheet includes details for how to access your property and local area details via multiple ways.

Hinfo Guest Getting Started Sheet on Clipboard

Step 3

Process your first low payment for up to the first year of Hinfo

All that is left is to process your initial invoice.

Our subscription model makes Hinfo for your property far more cost competitive upfront and over the long term compared to other solutions.

Please use our calculator on the pricing page to see how little Hinfo costs in comparison.

Hinfo on iPhone - Amenities Screen

How guests access your property and local area details

Step 1

Download the Hinfo app or visit Hinfo.com

When guests arrived at your property, they will be prompted via the 'Guest Getting Started' sheet at reception or in each room, to download the Hinfo app or visit Hinfo.com.

The Hinfo app works on almost every iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone/tablet currently used worldwide. View the latest figures here.

Guests can download the Hinfo app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play App Store, by searching for Hinfo on either service.

Hinfo on iPhone on Apple App Store in Hotel Room

Step 2

Search for your property via name or current location

Guests can access your property by searching for your property name or use the current location feature in the Hinfo app. This will detect their location and ask them if they are staying at your property.

All details are then downloaded offline in the Hinfo app so guests can access these details wherever they are, even when they do not have an internet connection.

Guests can use these either of these methods at anytime during their stay.

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Upgrade Today

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To enquire about our Hinfo service or request a demo, please provide your details below and we will contact you shortly.