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Hinfo Pricing

Every property receives the following benefits for management and guests.

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Move Beyond Traditional Paper Compendiums

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Unlimited and Significantly Faster Information Updates

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Usable Beyond the Guest Rooms

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Copy for Each Individual Guest

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Keyword Search

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Instantly View Webpages, Get Directions and Dial Phone Numbers Listed

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Accessing Local Emergency Details Anywhere Instantly

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Offline Support

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'Ask Reception' Guest Messaging Service

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Continual Development

Our membership is incredibly cost effective, even over the long-term and adapts to the size of your property.

Pricing Calculator

Pricing is calculated on the number of rooms you have.

Number of Rooms *


Monthly Rate when paid Annually




Per Room Per Night when paid Annually

Auto Translate

This is an optional extra at AU$4.00 per month per language.

Here is how Auto Translate compares to manually translating your content.

Each language covers unlimited translations for both your compendium details and for communicating with guests via 'Ask Reception' who send you a message in that language.

Chinese (Traditional)

Chinese (Simplified)




Price Comparison

For your property, here is how Hinfo compares to other guest solutions.

14.49 years of Hinfo for the same dollar compared to providing an in-room tablet in every room, if they support all of your selected languages.

Hinfo is a pre-paid service with pricing on a per property basis.

All prices shown are plus GST and are in Australian Dollars.

Unlimited updates and auto translate both apply to our 'Fair Use Policy'.

To start the setup process, please provide your details below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question to show/hide the answer.

Our property has multiple room types, including 2 Bedroom Apartments, Penthouses and more. Can I set this up for my property?

Does Hinfo require a constant internet connection, like other online services, such as Facebook?

How do our guests access the relevant information for our property through Hinfo?

Why is Hinfo a subscription-based model?

How is payment carried out for a Hinfo membership?

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