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Hinfo - Digital Hotel Solution

Hinfo addresses all the limitations of other guest solutions, in a digital solution that does not require a hotel tablet in every room.

Our solution improves communication with guests everywhere they go, while reducing the costs and maintenance for your management team.

The Future Here Today

Bringing guest communication and information into todays connected world

We now live in a world, where everyone owns at least a smartphone, tablet and/or laptop computer which they carry everywhere they go.

Enabling your guests to use their own devices brings several benefits for them and your management team.

Our BYOD subscription-based solution via a mobile app and website, brings both direct and indirect costs down for your property.

As of April 2019, 91% of all internet users worldwide are mobile internet users.

Benefits for Management

Reduce time and associated costs for maintaining guest compendiums

Our Hinfo CMS (Content Management System) allows you to provide information updates, so all guests receive these new details immediately.

Our BYOD solution significantly reduces your direct costs compared to other guest solutions, including printed compendiums and hotel tablets.

Hinfo delivers your property and local area details in multiple languages and can be personalized to match your property's branding.

Hinfo CMS on Desktop Computer

Benefits for Guests

Accessible anywhere, in their preferred language.

Our Hinfo service is designed to intuitively fit into their daily lives.

Keyword search is now possible for guests to find the details they want even faster.

Guests can also send a message to your reception staff in their preferred language, if they have any queries during their stay.

Hinfo on iPhone X in Hotel Room
Hinfo on iPhone X in Hotel Room
Hinfo on iPhone X in Hotel Room
Hinfo on iPhone X in Hotel Room

How It Works

Easy setup for you and your guests.

Upgrading your compendiums to our digital hotel solution takes just 3 easy steps.

Our mobile app or website are easy for guests to access after check-in.

Hinfo on App Store on iPhone in Hotel Room

Upgrade Today

Hinfo in Multiple Colours on iPhones

To enquire about our Hinfo service or request a demo, please provide your details below and we will contact you shortly.