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Upgrade to a Digital Hotel Compendium in under 30mins

We recognize that some hotels may view converting to a digital compendium solution is quite a daunting and lengthy process.

Here at App IT Byte, we are always striving to find more efficient methods in all aspects of our products and services, that benefit your property and your guests.

With that in mind, we have introduced an optional extra for properties joining Hinfo with an ‘Express Initial Setup’.

This ‘Express Initial Setup’ is designed to make the setup process at your property’s end, as quick and streamlined as possible.

Now you may be asking, how is this ‘Express Initial Setup’ better?

We currently provide each property when they become a Hinfo member, a way to submit the details to us online.

With the standard initial setup, we take all information you submit to us and take the time to load it into the Hinfo service and make sure everything works to a high standard. This is what is involved in our initial setup cost starting at $99, depending on the number of room types that you have separate information for.

At the time of writing, our new express setup has around 6x less textfields to manually type details into (most of these are very brief) and 3x less files to upload (e.g. images and PDFs) compared to our standard initial setup.

The ‘Express Initial Setup’ process, removes the bulk of the work from your hotel’s end, and we complete the overwhelming majority of the work required to add your property onto our service.

When your property agrees to use the express setup, you will be required to submit documents to us with the details in your existing compendium solution, for each room type. We take the information in the documents and add all of the details manually into the service.

We took it on ourselves to make sure your property only had to provide details for the bare minimum number of fields. The ‘Express Initial Setup’ still requires details such as your property’s contact details, and details for setting up your account to provide us information updates in the future.

Our internal testing found that the majority of properties would fill in this express setup form (providing they have all details and files ready to go), in less than 30mins. The regular setup form takes a few hours on average, depending on the size of the property and the amount of details for the local area you want to include.

Our initial setup, required for all properties, starts at $99 and we are now offering you this express setup, saving your property significant time and effort for an additional $150. We are not charging on an hourly rate for this optional service.

All Pricing is in Australian Dollars, as of mid-September 2018.

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