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Latest News on Hinfo

📆 February 6th 2018 🕐 2:00min Read

Our latest update to Hinfo includes:

Near Me:

We have added support for Thumbnail images to be upscaled to full-size for your device, as you view the details for each place or event on-demand.

This is enabled by default and will save guests a significant size of data usage and allows a smoother experience without an internet connection.

A "Download Full Size Images" button for Near Me has been added in Settings, which when enabled, requires more internet download usage.


Added support for Property Map Image. This is an interactive image for guests to navigate themselves around your property.

We have added additional headings to Facilities, including Lift.

Room Details:

We have added additional headings to Room Details, including Speakers.

Local Services:

We have added additional sections to Local Services, including Banks/ATMs.

In-House Restaurant:

Properties can now provide a detailed description about their in-house restaurant(s).


On top of all of the above, we have also reduced the app download size from the Apple App Store by up to 25%, without any changes to how guests use Hinfo.

The download size reduction depends on the specific iPhone/iPad model your guests are using.

Minor bug fixes.


Improved the login process for properties that have lots of images.

Loading bar on login screen will now show progress when Thumbnails for Near Me are downloaded.

Added full support for QHD+ displays, including the Google Pixel 2 XL.

Minor bug fixes.

All Hinfo members will benefit from these updates from today for free.

To learn more about Hinfo, click here.