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Introducing 'Ask Reception' on Hinfo

📆 August 1st 2018 🕐 3:00min Read

In this update, we are introducing 'Ask Reception'.

Ask Reception is a messaging feature between your device as a guest and reception for any queries you may have.

All a guest needs to do is tap on the 'Ask Reception' button in the home tab of the Hinfo app, provide only their first name and their room/apt. number for reference point by reception and we handle the rest.

Ask Reception currently works on a per device basis. If a guest brings multiple devices with them during their stay and logs into your property Hinfo on all of them, only the device that the guest sends a message to reception from, will receive the reply.

Ask Reception requires a computer or device at reception to use our dedicated reception login to respond to messages from guests.

Guests can optionally enable notifications by tapping on the bell in the top right corner, and the Hinfo app will check in the background for the next response from reception.

All conversations by a guest will be auto-deleted 30 days after the last message at either end is sent, or if the user logs out of Hinfo on their device.

All Hinfo members will benefit from these updates from today for free, and this feature alone is opt-in for each property. Please contact us on 1300 890 402 or email us at to learn how it all works and to get setup.

To learn more about Hinfo, click here.