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App IT Byte and Hinfo Privacy Policy Overview

Hinfo Full Legal Privacy Policy

Here at App IT Byte, we take privacy seriously!

This post will illustrate in simple terms, exactly why App IT Byte has a strong view on protecting user’s privacy, particularly in relation to our Hinfo digital hotel solution.

Free vs. Paid

Many people have been quoting for years that “if you’re not paying for it, you’re the product!”, and that is exactly how we feel towards projects App IT Byte are involved in.

Whilst guests staying at properties access and use Hinfo via any of the following means at no cost, it is the properties management that joins Hinfo on a paid membership basis.

Revenue from each property covers our costs and enables us to provide this service.

If we did not have a paid membership business model for properties joining Hinfo, there would be next to no other ways to generate revenue without risking the loss of the guest’s privacy.

Coming from a time where there was a printed guest directory in each room, the guest’s privacy was never an issue when consuming the content in the directories.

We strongly believe that a guest should not need to decide if they want to risk losing their privacy, just so they can access information about the property and the local area in which they are staying.

This is why we deliberately chose to take this privacy feature of printed guest directories from the 20th century and apply it to our 21st century Hinfo mobile guest directory service.

What Data Do We Collect

It is likely that all businesses/developers collect some form of data from users as they use their online service or mobile app, but it’s a matter of how sensitive and valuable this data is.

We do collect data for internal analytical purposes, but it can in no way be traced to a single user or device, hence anonymous analytical data.

We collect anonymous analytical data, so we can learn how the majority of guests use Hinfo by understanding what are:

We use this anonymous analytical data to assist us in making critical decisions in the future, to further improve the Hinfo service for everyone. This could involve changes to the look of Hinfo, how you navigate through Hinfo etc.

To give an example, we can internally get a break down on how many guests at a particular property have looked at an in-house restaurant breakfast menu in a given period, but we cannot see how many times a single guest has viewed that same breakfast menu, nor identify who that single guest is.

We believe this anonymous analytical data is of no use to any 3rd parties and we have no intentions on selling it to anyone. It is strictly for internal use only.

App IT Byte hopes you understand our stance on privacy, and that we always strive to protect the privacy of users.

If you have any questions regarding our stance on privacy, please email us at [email protected] with the subject “Query App IT Byte Privacy Policy”.